Since stepping out of the dark ages in January, I’ve become an iPhone junkie.  Living in rural West Virginia leaves one with limited or no cell phone reception, so in the world of mobile devices, we’re a few paces behind.  Though it might seem crazy to start my blog life talking about cell phones, honestly it has been the piece of technology that has most impacted my life, as far as technologies I’ve come to use daily and the amount of media I am exposed to on the regular. 


I moved to Morgantown going on two years ago.  I had a regular cell phone for just over one year.  I went to high school without a cell phone.  I went to college for four years without a cell phone.  I flew across the country without a cell phone.  I did survive, but I will admit it was a dark night stranded on a beach in Southern California when I decided, no matter the cost, Casey was moving up in the world of technology.  (Again I imagine some might consider this to be the most inconsequential thing, but for me it was, and still is a big deal.)

My parents and husband also got cell phones at the same time and we’re all one big happy bundled family plan.  However, this year both my husband and myself have gotten iPhones.  Mine is a generation behind the newest now.  My 4s slipped behind the 5 last month.  I’ve seen the 5. Though I liked knowing my phone was Apple’s best, I don’t really feel the need to have a new phone yet.  My husband has the iPhone 4 and it works swell as well. 

As I have read and explored why Apple has such a hold on the market of smart phones and tablet computers, it’s funny to me that society continues to follow and continues to pay more and more with each new release.  The following link shows Apple’s hold on the market across the board of electronic devices.  Over and over, they come out on top.

So as I venture out into my day now, iPhone in hand, no piece of information is beyond my reach.  Last week at lunch my boss was trying to remember the names of the two gangs from West Side Story.  He had the Jets, but the Sharks, was just a moment’s Google search away from my fingertips.  I was hired to bring the 21st century into a beautiful old church in Morgantown.  Accepting the secretary Googling facts at the dinner table is just something he will have to get used to seeing!!